Support the Public Resources of Art

By Rubie Elffie

I agree that it is absurd to place a financial value on the contribution of art to society. It is exact that art is currently afflictively under funded and is in tragic need of raised monetary resources. Nevertheless, the condition in the art field pales in comparison with the people who are forced to live on the streets, vagrant.

  First, the government would have sufficient resources to establish a flourishing art field and furnish the less propitious members of society with the service that they desperately need. Unfortunately, we still have not reached desirable land and then deal with the mundane issues of destitution and inertia. Even if the generous members of the middle class may grieve for a decrease in the public funding for the arts, vagrants will most probable have trouble understanding their pain. Even considering that benefit recipients are admitted to enter museums for free, it is whether the satisfaction they obtain from gazing upon a Van Gogh is comparable the pleasure of having enough money to the market.

  Second, while the government places a lower precedence on funding for the arts, there is prospect that artists will be compelled to cease expressing their ingenuity. Industries and corporations are extending becoming involved in subsidizing the arts. Public spending for arts are actually has only emerged though the last generations. All the time, the majority of artists relied on support of abundant contributors and corporations are easily continuing that character. Furthermore, if museums lose public funding, they’ll have to alter their exhibits to harmonize to prevalent tastes. But some connoisseurs of art may slander the lowering of aesthetic standards.

In summary, accurate contingent of public resources will qualify the less propitious members of society to encouraged themselves, which in the end will establish in a various of audiences for art than a few official bureaucrats.

Rubie Elffie



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