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     I went to participate Celebration by Marc Chagall in National Palace Museum. By Chagall's masterpiece "Birthday"(L'anniversaire) as the core of the exhibition, the art of   his life course, strong love and romantic life. It's showing faith in his life and the pursuit of Chagall's love and beauty, really rich and warm our heart.

     I didn't really understand his paintings before. Though the guide explain to us, I might catch on! There're five exhibition halls show different theme of his paintings. Flowers were life in its joyous state to Chagall. He once said that "I was poor, and near me, there were no flowers. The first one, Bella had brought it to me". His art is filled with love and beauty, from his true love Bella, to his love for hometown of Vitebsk and second home of France, bouquet and lovers,  painter and animals, drama and art, poetry and painting. All of his works were vision of love and nostalgia, the symbols are expressing again and again of his heartfelt sentiments.

       Chagall's paintings have recently enjoyed a strong surge in popularity, which comes as no surprise to a lot of fans. His abstract post-impressionist style with biblical undertones embodies a deep passion for life, while still maintaining a zest for the whimsical, and at times, childish. These characteristics give Chagall's paintings a unique richness that few other artists of his time were capable of. Chagall wastes no space as every square inch of his canvas is filled with vibrant and powerful colors. A painting is truly a feast for the eyes.

     I love his paintings representing a strong, deeply colored iconic image, while right next to it will be one of his brightly colored, fancy-free scenes of a wonderful time. This is part of the reason why Marc Chagall's paintings are so popular. He managed to remain faithful to his style, while still providing us with a wide variety of options.

      Perhaps, everyone will have different opinions about which of Chagall’s paintings are the best, but these are the image that I feel best represent his energy, focus, and all around joie de vivre. The list is in no particular order, as it was hard enough to narrow it down to just one hundred and eight paintings.

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