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Q: Different people may prefer different learning style when they attend class. While someone learns best in an entertaining and enjoyable way, other learns best in a serious and formal way. Which of these two learning styles do you prefer? Give specific reasons to support your answer.


In any school, attending in classes is an essential way for students to obtain knowledge and get educated. They make progresses with the process and classroom importation. Different people may prefer different learning styles. Personally, I support an entertaining and enjoyable style, even though I have been educated in the former system from my school.

I disagree that the teachers dominate the whole period of the class from the beginning till the end, and the students are discouraged to put forward their opinions whether they agree or disagree with what the teacher say. In some cases, when some braver students want to stand up and present their views, they need a long time to gather up and discuss. Actually, different opinions are not welcome. Students aren’t expected to participate in class actively.

I prefer entertaining and enjoyable classes in which I can definitely learn better. I can hold my attention on the subjects and make me interest in the teacher’s teach. I will also feel more relaxed, which I believe is the best mental state for receiving new information. It’s also easier for me to elicited and inspired.

In short, learning in enjoyable way not only can students learn in books, but they can also be encouraged and inspired. A light heart is always helpful.

Rubie Elffie

Rubie Elffie

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