Q: Nowadays, degree becomes an essential element for people to get a prosperous future. Therefore, some people want to study a university only because they can get a degree. Do you agree or disagree with it? Give specific reasons to support your answer.



A university degree becomes an essential element for people to get a prosperous future in our society.


Most people believe this statement to be a concrete fact will attend university purely with the aim of getting a degree, in the on going belief that that will be the key to a prosperous future. In my opinion, these people have made an unwise decision.


In the increasingly competitive society of today, ones all-around competence is the only insurance to ones success. A degree is no longer a privilege but a must. You have to be excellent to outshine all the other competitors to get the job.


The qualification gained while completing a degree will indicate and even prove that particular individual has a trained and ordered mind, can plan a course of study and possesses a degree of self motivation. But the weakness of the suggestion that the degree by itself can provide prosperity in the future which is the mere fact that one cannot predict. After graduated, there are waves of variables to be navigated which arent directly pertinent to academic study.


The future is far from predicable, and the ownership of a university degree would only guarantee a successful future if the future events were controlled by a straight line drawn from the past, through on into the future.


In short, a degree alone guarantees nothing for you. Only when it is supported by years of hard work can it have a voice in deciding your future.


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