Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying aboard? Use specific details and reasons to support your answer.



Many people choose to study aboard for various reasons. As there would appear to be many advantages and disadvantages to the action of studying aboard, we should deal with.


Apart from the practical consideration that it ensures better career opportunities and may bring us a more prosperous future, studying aboard has other advantages that aren’t less important. First of all, our language proficiency may be improved quickly when we have the opportunity to use it everyday. Secondly, the experience aboard open our minds and broadens our views. Different lifestyles will help us obtain new perspectives into life. Thirdly, in a world where no one cares about us, we have got an opportunity to start our life afresh. There will no prejudice against us, neither too much expectation to give us pressures. We can enjoy our lives with more freedom. For all these advantages, it is really worthwhile to study aboard.


However, studying aboard does have disadvantages. The first problem is caused by the language barrier. We should practice speaking and listening and we may probably find it difficult to understand the instructors in class. Besides, life won’t be as easy as is at home. There will be all kind of inconveniences and misunderstandings. We’ll probably suffer loneliness, as it won’t be easy to build up intimate relationship with strangers. Burdened with these difficulties, many people find that they unable to focus fully on their studies and even fail the exams.


Therefore, given an opportunity to study aboard, we have to balance both sides carefully before making the final decision. On the whole, if we have the maturity to cope with the life in different culture, then the advantages are huge in learning new ways. Nevertheless, we mustn’t lose sight of the disadvantages or make decisions in haste.


Rubie Elffie


Rubie Elffie

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