Q: Which kind of vacation do you prefer, a long yearly vacation or several short vacation in a year? Give specific reasons for your answer.



I prefer several short vacations in a year to a long yearly one. I’ll always feel refreshed and full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s also easier for me to concentrate again on my work after each vacation sine I won’t be too relaxed or fatigued as I will probably be in a long yearly vacation.


By taking several short vacations I can also enjoy more diversified vacation life. I may have different plans for each vacation and focus on just one thing each time. I can make better use of the vacation time. Each vacation has its theme and the planning will be simple. Surely I can cover several plans in one long vacation, but then planning become extremely important because I may easily ruin the whole vacation if I don’t organize it well.


Taking several short vacations is better for one’s budget planning. It’s easier for one to be in control of the expense and make plans that they can afford. Whereas it’s important for there to be some form of relaxation in everyone’s schedule, it’s also significant to allow for the fact that there’re many who really cherish their occupations and the specific roles. For these people, only short vacations are appropriate, otherwise they would miss their jobs too much.


My conclusion is that for the majority, shorter breaks can have the appropriate effect without the major disruption of being absent from work for a prolonged period.


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