This year, my birthday is not only simple but sincere.

I got happiness n warmth from my dearest.

Really thanks to all my family n friends.

You all gave me a lot of blessings n gifts.

Though I'm 22 now,

you all still love me like a dearly baby.

I really love you all very much !

Thanks for always on my side,

and thanks for everything.

Wishes all the best for me.

Happy Birthday to Rubie ! 


Into Your hands, I commit again
With all I am, to You Lord.
You hold my world in the palm of Your hands,
And I am Yours forever.

Jesus, I believe in You!
Jesus I belong to You!
You're the reason that I live,
the reason that I sing, With all I am!

I'll walk with You wherever You go,
Through tears and joy, I'll trust in You.
And I'll live in all Your ways
And promises forever.

I will worship! I will worship You!




Rubie Elffie

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Rubie Elffie

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